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"Once I started sessions with you and realised you were friendly, I saw it more as an opportunity to talk freely to someone who wouldn’t judge.

As our sessions have gone on I realised how beneficial they have been for me. I can now see how my parents impact me and how things in my childhood have caused me to react in certain ways.

Overall, I have become more self-aware. I’m more confident and I know what I want. The writing exercises that you have shown me have allowed me to see situations as they really are and not just what I think they are.

I can now see that I had all the qualities that I wanted inside me already. I’m practising saying I will instead of I need and allowing myself to feel my emotions instead of trying to ignore them. People have noticed a change in me with some commenting that my presence and aura has changed.

I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and now feel like I’m ready for the next stage in life and am overall a lot happier.

Thank you for help me see my self-worth and full potential"

- Rebecca, South London.

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